There are three different Ka-Chi locations in downtown Toronto. All three are independent and are not associated with one another despite sharing the same brand. The location that I often frequent is the one on St. Andrew Street, and I reviewed it here. However, during the winter, there was an unfortunate fire at an (illegal) boarding house, and both Ka-Chi and Jang Su Chon were affected by the fire. Sadly, the latter is still close due to severe fire damage to the structure; I am not sure if the business will reopen.

Since that one was closed during the winter; we decided to check out the location in Chinatown. The menu and prices of the food were one of the same. This location was clean, spacious, and each table was reasonable apart from one another); similar to the other two locations. 

Out of all of Korean restaurants that I have been to; I'd have to say that the bachan provided at Ka-Chi is my favorite. However, the bachan doesn't arrive prior to the meal, but at the same time as the first dish (my significant other's kimchi stew). This particular meal came with six different dishes of bachan (cucumbers, kimchi, potatoes, seaweed, spicy cucumbers and glass noodles).

The kimchi stew with pork, dumpling, and tofu ($8.50)

I opted for the Ka-Chi's spicy BBQ beef ribs (grilled marinated beef ribs with Ka Chi's sweet & spicy sauce) ($12.95). I thought that the portion was generous, as they didn't skimp on the pieces of beef ribs. Instead of long pieces of ribs; the ribs were cut into decent sized pieces. The meat was tender, and the overall dish was full of flavor; spicy with a hint of sweetness.

I also got the spicy rice cakes (rice cakes with fish cakes and japchae) ($6.50) for us to share. Once again, I was pleased with the generous portion. There was a good amount of rice cakes and fish cakes; good to share between two people. This dish was a lot spicier than I expected, which is always good if you can handle the spice.

The service wasn't amazing, but the servers did their job adequately and efficiently. They check up on you about once or twice, and they were quick to refill the bachan dishes which I appreciated. The overall service was quick; as our food arrived pretty quickly as well. 

Address: 414 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, M5T 1G6

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Yakitori Kintori (2)

Yakitori Kintori specializes in yakitori (grilled skewered chicken) but their menu also offers items such as noodles, tapas dishes, drinks and desserts. The restaurant is housed on the second floor of Kinton Ramen 2 on Bloor in Koreatown. Since it opened up in March of 2014; I have been back about five times, as I really enjoy yakitori. Below are some of the other items that my boyfriend and I have ordered on our visits (I did not take pictures of some of the repeat orders from the original review).

You can read my original review here.

** Blog post contains photos of dishes that Yakitori Kintori offers on their menu **

Premium selection ($24):organic free run chicken thigh, chicken meatball, duck breast, premium Wagyu beef and beef short ribs

Teriyaki chicken bun ($4)

Kintori udon (udon noodle with chicken paitan soup) ($8.50)

Buta bara (pork belly) ($2) and ton toro (pork cheek) ($2)

Cheese tsukune (cheese meatball) ($2)

Momo (chicken thigh) ($1.80), Tsukune (chicken meatball) ($2) and Pork belly ($2)

 Miso chicken bun (steamed bun with grilled chicken thigh, miso sauce) ($4)

Negi shio gyu (beef with scallion sauce) ($3)

 Tsukune (chicken meatball) ($2) and Negima (thigh & scallion) ($1.80)

Address: 668 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, M6G 1L2

Sake Sushi

What I love about downtown is the plethora of sushi restaurants. There aren't that many sushi establishments in my area when I'm back uptown with my family. I was craving for some sushi one night and decided to order delivery. Based on Google maps; one of the nearest sushi restaurants in the area was Sake Sushi. There weren't that many reviews online but most were positive so I went ahead and ordered with them. Sake Sushi also offers an AYCE option for $13.99 (lunch) and $20.99 (dinner); it's $1-2 more on the weekends/holidays. 

Based on past experiences; ordering a la carte from AYCE can be a hit or a miss. Most of the time, the quality isn't very high compared to non-AYCE establishments but the price ranges are similar. 

The salmon pizza (sushi pizza) ($6.95) tasted a lot better than it looked. The crispy patty wasn't overly fried and it was topped with the right amount of roe. Although, the salmon was sliced extremely thin. 

I opted for the beef short ribs (bento box) ($11.75) which came with ribs, stir-fried vegetables, two fried dumplings, steamed rice, green salad and miso soup. The ribs were marinated well and the flavor of the veggies was good. Unfortunately, it only came with four thin slices of ribs but at least there was a helping hand of greens. Surprisingly, the bento boxes also came with five nigiri (shrimp and salmon) and spicy salmon roll; they were not listed on the menu. 

The chicken teriyaki (bento box) ($10.75) came with chicken, steamed rice, two beef dumplings, green salad and miso soup.

The shrimp tempura roll (6 pieces) ($5.95) was a good choice. The batter that they used to coat the shrimp was light and crispy. 

They offer free delivery over $30 (before tax). This was easily achieved for two people. Overall, the quality of the food was good but they really do skimp out by cutting up their meat and fish so thinly.  With that being said, I am still interested in trying out their AYCE when I'm up in the area one day. Their dinner menu seems extensive and their price is on par with other AYCE uptown.

Address: 5875 Hwy 7 W Vaughan, ON

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DT Bistro Patisserie

Since my last visit, they have changed their restaurant name to DT Bistro Patisserie, and not just simply known as Dessert Trends. The restaurant itself is a white house, and the closest intersection is probably Spadina Ave and Bathurst Street. This review is not from a recent dinner, so some of the items that I ordered may no longer be on their current menu.

My first visit to the restaurant was back in early 2012, but it was solely for their desserts. Those delicious looking desserts are brightly showcased in a display case at the front. I didn't know that they served food for both lunch and dinner until much later. The small restaurant is a low lit which provided a very quiet and romantic ambiance. A majority of the tables were filled that Saturday night, but people weren't talking very loudly. 

 To start, one lbs of mussels ($13) were ordered. I thought that the mussels were cooked perfectly, and I liked that it wasn't drenched in white wine sauce. The light taste and smell of the white wine was delectable. 

The portion for the sticky chicken wings ($8) was rather small, and the wings itself didn't contain a lot of meat. I thought that the glaze was overly too sweet, but the accompanied slices of pickles did help to counter the sweetness.

The price of the sirloin steak ($25.00) wasn't bad, and I thought that the portion was decent. The steak was topped off with onions and mushrooms which added more aroma to the dish. I did enjoy the steak that I got, but I wish that I could say the same about the fries. The fries were extremely soft, and wasn't to my liking.

 One of my favorite desserts in the world is crème brûlée. So it was only natural that I got the crème brûlée ($8.50) from DT Bistro Patisserie after my meal. They are known more for their desserts, and it did not disappoint.

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Wakame Sushi

Wakame Sushi is a mid-sized AYCE on Sheppard Ave & Bathurst Street. They offer the options of both à la carte and AYCE for lunch and dinner. The price is $13.95 for lunch and $20.95 for dinner (adult prices), so it's on par with nearby establishments on Finch. I came here for lunch one weekday, and found that their lunch menu selection was decent. Though not extensive by any means; they do offer the standard appetizers, salad, soup, cooked food, noodles, and sushi (nigri and rolls). Like many other places; their lunch menu does not offer sashimi on the menu.

Wakame Sushi caters heavily to the lunch crowd as there are quite a lot of businesses and offices in the area. So I found that the turnover rate was pretty high as people had roughly an hour or so for lunch. They had a counter of about 3 chefs making the sushi, so the food arrived rather quickly to the table.

You can't expect melt in your mouth freshness from an AYCE, but the overall quality of the food here was good when compared on an AYCE level. The flavor was there for such dishes as the wings, Korean styled beef ribs, beef udon and chicken teriyaki. The sushi arrived neatly presented on a white plate, and the soy sauce wasn't watered down. The only minor complaint was that a few of the sushi were overly packed with rice. However, a majority of the sushi had a good balance of rice to fish ratio. This could be due to the fact that there were more than two sushi chefs handling the mantle of making the sushi.

If you're not a fan of AYCE, Wakame Sushi also offers very cheap lunch specials. Their sushi bar specials are around $5.95 and their kitchen specials (including chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, salmon teriyaki and ribs) are $6.75. The lunch specials are only available from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, and you may be charged for substitutions. I have ordered their BBQ beef ribs combo before for lunch (take-out) from their second location on Weston Rd on a few occasions. It came with miso soup, green salad, 3pcs California Rolls, 2pcs Spring Roll & 2pcs Cheese Wanton, four slices of beef ribs, steamed rice and orange slices. The entire meal was $6.75 plus tax, and the portions was more than generous.

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Address:  638 Sheppard Avenue West  Toronto, ON, M3H 2S3

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Perfect Chinese Restaurant

I was out with a couple of friends two weekends ago, and they decided to go up to Perfect Chinese Restaurant for some late night dim sum. Perfect Chinese Restaurant is a restaurant on Sheppard Ave E & Brimley Rd, and it's open 24 hours. They offer cheap cart services during regular dim sum hours on both the weekdays and weekends. However, during the late night hours, the prices jump a little bit, but it's still relatively cheap. 

The dim sum quality was average but good enough for its low price point. The dinner didn't start off very well, as our fried radish cake was dry and lukewarm. It definitely tasted like it was microwaved but very quickly so. One of my friends politely requested that we get a new dish as the dish was pretty much inedible. The waiter didn't really say much, but he did take it back, and gave us a freshly made dish afterwards. The top dishes of the night were the fried noodle Shanghai style, steamed sweet creamy bun, and deep fried squid tentacle. Unfortunately, the steamed beef ribs were disappointing as there were barely any meat on the beef ribs. It was literally just a plate containing steamed fats and bones.

 The staff at Perfect Chinese Restaurant weren't the friendliest or most welcome, but they were efficient. They quickly seated us, and the food arrived pretty fast too. Additionally, our waiter was accommodating when we requested for a new dish of fried radish cake, and he gave us a bunch of different sauces (that we asked for). Overall, this is one of the few late night eateries in the area, and it's a decent place if you want cheap food after a night out. 

 The late night menu offers the standard dim sum items, and it's not very extensive.

 Pan fried radish cake ($2.60 x 2)

Fried noodle Shanghai style ($9.50)

Shium mai (pork & shrimp) ($2.70 x 2)

Beef tripe ($3.20 x 1)

Steamed sweet creamy bun ($2.50 x 1)

BBQ pork bun ($2.50 x 2)

Har gow (shrimp dumpling) ($2.70 x 2)

Steamed beef ribs ($3.20 x 1)

Deep fried squid tentacle ($3.60 x 1)


Quality of Food: 3.4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall Dining Experience: 3.5/5
Price: $$

Address: 4386 Sheppard Ave E Toronto, ON, M1S1T8 

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Sushi One

Sushi One is one of the many AYCE options in the area of uptown Finch (Yonge/Sheppard and Yonge/Finch area). Their bright block signage is not that hard to miss if you're walking by in the area. Their lunch AYCE is $12.99 so it's reasonably priced, and relative to the other establishments. For lunch, they offer the standard AYCE fare such as sushi, cooked food, appetizers, and ice-cream. However, sashimi is not available but they do have an okay selection of sushi and rolls. Overall, the selection is limited for lunch but the options that they do offer is solid for an AYCE.

My lunch companion and I, had a little less than an hour to eat lunch (during work hours). The restaurant started picking up around this time, but fortunately, the food came out at a good pace. The sushi contained a good ratio of the amount of rice to the ratio of fish. Plus, the rice was nicely seasoned and the sushi didn't fall apart. I thought that each order was portioned well for two people, and we finished with a few minutes to spare until back to work. Out of the cooked food that we ordered; I liked the beef teriyaki and beef ribs the best. The sushi pizza contained a generous amount of salmon bits on top, but the fried patty was slightly too thin. I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken teriyaki as it was completely drenched in teriyaki sauce, making the flavor very overwhelming.

As for service, I was relatively happy with the service as I found it efficient and quick. Our waitress was attentive, friendly, and the food did arrive out pretty quickly. Plus, she checked up on us periodically, and did promptly clear the empty plates.

Address: 4924 Yonge St Toronto, ON, M2N 5N5

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